This is a budget game 1/20th the price of Call of Duty. It took 0.5 man years not 100 man years and it is a first time outing for me using unity. It is difficult and is aimed at people who dreamed as a child of being Neil Armstrong if you didn't then maybe this isn't for you, if you are curious and want to know if you could have been an astronaut make a purchase.


The Moon Liberation Army have captured representatives of the federal government and have imprisoned them in prison bases on and under the moon surface. The distances are such that there is no need for these Moonoids to be guarded so as long as you do not destroy the prison you should be able to land on the pad and pick them up once they have suited up for space. For unknown reasons pressure suits are available at the prisons probably a leftover from when the prisons were just government office buildings.

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Only $5AUD

Only $5AUD